17.54h. Guests Reception

18.00h. Opening of the exhibition
Fernando Garea, EFE President

18.05h. Video Projection

18.10h. Visit to the exhibition

18.20h. Cocktail

  • EFE AGENCY. 80 years showing us the world_ Photographic Exhibition

    Agencia EFE, one of the most influential news agencies worldwide, is celebrating its 80 birthday, committed to Europe.

    A good example of our effort is the project “MEPs and the World”, funded by the European Parliament, which illustrated the importance of the missions carried out by MEPs in third countries.

    Join us in our celebration, enjoy this EFE/epa photographic exhibition and participate in our talks about the future of European information.

    Refreshments and snacks will be served

  • Fecha: 29/01/2020 18.00

    Lugar: European Parliament
    Distribution Area 3th Floor
    ASP Building (Altiero Spinelli)